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Mission Statement:

Cramer and Associates, Inc. is a combination family-owned/employee-owned business that exists to construct profitable, high quality, heavy/highway projects by securing niche markets across the Midwest, by developing a skilled and highly motivated workforce, and by putting a high priority on safety and integrity.

Whether you’re a current employee, prospective employee, whether you’re representing a Project Owner, or whether you’re an inquisitive passerby, we’re pleased that you’ve taken the time to check us out. Take a look at our Project Gallery to get an idea of what we do and take a look at our About Us section and our Newsletter to get an idea of who we are.

Our motto is Planning to Lead. This is because we understand that success on the job site and success as a company don’t happen without planning. Good leaders plan and good planners lead. If we’re going to continue to be leaders in our industry, then we must continue to engineer projects better than the competition. We do this by planning ahead, problem solving as we go, and leading our highly motivated employees to get it done!

As you get to know us, we’re confident you’ll want to partner your future with Cramer and Associates, Inc.

Cramer & Associates, Inc.

3100 SW Brookside Drive
Grimes, Iowa 50111
P: (515) 265-1447
F: (515) 265-0834

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